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The brand


Emma's tutus is above all a love story that began when my daughter was born. I always wanted to have a little girl, so that I could dress her like a princess. While making her her first tutu, I imagined her with stars in her eyes.

Then, I developed a passion for making this material so specific to work. So I decided to create my company, so that every little girl can have sparkling eyes when discovering my creations. What could be more important for a parent than to see their child happy. By looking for the name of my company, it was obvious, the first name of my chip had to appear there. All creations are handmade, made in France.

Your encouragement and your sharing have enabled me to offer you a wide range of products ranging from dresses to boxes with complete outfits and accessories.

I wanted to thank you for your daily support,

it is a real driving force.



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